Zoho Survey allows you to create different types of surveys - like Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, Marketing Research or Employee Evaluation. Create your survey in minutes with the help of Zoho Survey builder and reach your audience on every device. View results graphically and in real-time. You can connect your Zoho Campaigns account with Zoho Survey so that distributing these surveys to a large customer list base becomes easy.




Features and Benefits

With over 25 question types, and features like skip logic and piping, you can design your perfect survey. Spruce it up to suit your brand and style with customizable themes.

Share your surveys instantly with everyone on your list, using social media and email campaigns. Our SSL protection will ensure that your surveys remain safe and private.

Customizable reports help you visualize response trends and make informed decisions. Analyze the data with Google Sheets for an even deeper understanding.

Mastering Responses
Mere minutes to create your survey. Just seconds to collect and analyze your responses.



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