Zoho Sales IQr is a hassle-free live chat software re-imagined for business growth. Convert your website visitors into happy paying customers. Increase the ROI on your content, SEO, Adwords and email marketing efforts. The Softwared helps you skyrocket sales, revenue, and profits for your business by making lead capture more effective, shortening your sales cycle, and increasing conversions in a cost-effective way using live chat software.



Features and Benefits

Track website visitors in real time
Zoho SalesIQ lets your sales team see who's on your website in real time along with details like the pages they're browsing and their referral source, location, time spent, actions on the website, and more. Visitors are listed in four different sections based on the criteria you define.

Laser-target prospects with lead scoring
Define rules to rate your prospects according to what you deem as ideal buyer behavior. Based on these, your website visitors are then given scores for each attribute, the cumulative score telling you their sales-readiness so you can focus on the right prospects.

Start your sales cycle with bots
Zobot—our low-code bot builder—lets you create AI-powered chat bots to ask initial questions of leads, qualify them, and add them to your CRM. These bots can also transfer chats to the right staff member for further engagement along with the data collected from the prospect, so the concerned salesperson has all the context needed.

Nudge prospects to start a conversation
Set rules to send proactive, personalized messages to high-value prospects on important pages, enticing them to talk to you or try out your offering. You can also send discount offers to loyal and valuable customers to boost purchases.


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