Zoho Forms is a no-coding, drag & drop, online form builder used to create forms for every purpose. It provides you with a variety of customisation options,supports task assignment, approval workflows and is also responsive to mobile browsers. Zoho Forms integrates well with Zoho products, Salesforce and Google apps. Zoho Forms also offers native applications for both iOS and Android devices that lets you create forms and collect data right from your mobile device and it also works offline.




Features and Benefits

Create beautiful forms without having to code
Our feature-rich form builder software, with 40+ field types, customizable themes, situation-specific templates, and a simple user interface, helps you create beautiful, functional forms for all your needs.

Collect data from all corners
Embed forms on web pages and engage with your website visitors. Share links on social media or to a target audience via email campaigns. Let your forms reach a wider audience or keep them private within a closed organization.

Stay informed with instant notifications
Trigger conditional email or SMS notifications from your online form whenever a new record is submitted or updated. Include attachments and keep all concerned people in the loop. Receive instant updates on chat platforms where your teams can work collaboratively.

View, analyze, and optimize data
Sort and view form entries, export them as spreadsheets, or send the data to apps you use. With UTM tracking and form analytics, measure your form’s performance and optimize it for better conversions.





Create forms, share them online, receive instant alerts, and efficiently manage your data with our integrated apps. Take a deep breath and focus on your business while Zoho Forms handles it all for you!


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