Zoho Backstage is an event management software that empowers event organizers to plan and run conferences, meetups, and product launches with greater efficiency and impact. Take your events online and host them virtually with Zoho Backstage OnAir. Livecast your sessions, run presentations, interact with your attendees, and more.

Features and Benefits

Create a strong digital presence
Make an impactful, multilingual website and a mobile app for your event with just a few clicks. Choose from pre-built themes and templates to go live in minutes, not days.

Maximize your outreach
Build awareness for your event by embedding your event page on other websites and blogs. Create banners for social media promotions without needing design expertise.

Ensure seamless registration and ticketing
Successful events thrive on attendance. Make it easy for people to register, and then nurture them via emails to show up. Stay in control of your ticket sales and receive payments instantly.

Manage sponsorships
Selling sponsorships for your event? Create your own tiers and packages to attract prospective sponsors. Manage sponsorship requests and highlight select sponsors on the website.

Track event metrics in one dashboard
Stay on top of registrations, ticket sales, attendee count, sessions, and moreā€”all from a single screen.

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